'pataphysics of equivoque


native plants, steel panel for construction site, neon tube, aluminum plate, bone of river cormorant, spring water, stone, mud, etc

h.300 × w.1100 × d.1100 cm

“The Intersection of Nature MATSUDO ART PICNIC”
21 century of forest and park / Matsudo, Chiba, JAPAN

Photo: Toshiyuki Udagawa

‘pataphysics of equivoque

‘pataphysics of equivoque

gaps in the spiral-lined fence lead into the interior space

‘pataphysics of equivoque

‘pataphysics of equivoque

‘pataphysics of equivoque

‘pataphysics of equivoque

spring water, which is filled onto aluminium plates with the bones of river cormorants, is turned into steam by the fire from the mud kamado and rises into the air.

Temporary fences that are lined the construction site.
It is not surprising that it is inside of fences that construction is underway. And it means the place where something is created.

In 1964, when Genpei Akasegawa created "Canned Universe", the world was reversed and everything was wrapped inside. * The inside becomes to the outside, the outside becomes to the inside. So it would mean that it is the whole world and our daily lives that are "under construction".

This interior space, which is outside the fence, is home to plants with ambiguous and rakugo-like (traditional comic storytelling) qualities, such as aconite and Japan helwingia. Furthermore, the gaze of the people who look after them and their communion with nature is alive and well here.

By such the sequence of fortuitous connections, it is accelerated that the 'pataphysical thinking between the whole world inside the fence and us.

* In 1964, Genpei Akasegawa, the Japanese avant-garde artist, created a sculptural piece called "Canned Universe" by using canned queen crab.


The queen crab metamorphoses into the bone club at this club.
It is thrown into the sky spreading beyond the overgrown trees with the white rising flow.
From the 21 century of forest and park to the 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Voyager as pioneer continues to seek its own position in the infinite universe, even after nuclear energy control became to be uncontrollable.